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Frank Biesters
Daphne de la Cousine

They say that around your fiftiest bithday you become interested in your roots. That moment is alway when your parent are not alive anymore. Where to get the information needed to go after your roots?

Why the family pages also in English. The roots of my family goes back to Germany, a part of my family moved to the States. So everywhere around the world there is family, I only have to find out who and where. From one of them I received an email. Thanks to Blaine Hyer from the States I decided to write this page also in English. Difficult? No, we Dutch are used to communicate in English, thanks to our small country.

After the funeral of my mother in 2003 (my father already died in 1996) a family member send me a photograph from 1928. The whole family grouped together before the camera to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of my grandfather/mother.

Who where those people. Some I could recognise, others not. Thanks to my niece Reina I got the most of their names. Including some more info. Niece Reina know the family quite well.

She also now a nephew which nows a lot of my family. Wil de Jonge did some study of this own family background. And because he was maried to a Biesters, he did also spent some time on our family tree.

The information he had I took over and thanks to Aldfaer 3.2.5, a free tool for setting up a family tree I could organise everything a little. In february 2007 the family tree contains almost 505 members.

Thanks to niece Reina I got more old family pictures. The oldest photo she got is one of my grandfather Jan Biesters (1880-1938). Togehter with their 7 children. A few year later the photo above shows a substantial larger family.

Kijk hier naar de hele stamboom (25-2-2007)
Look into the family tree (25-2-2007)
Schau unsere Stambaum an (25-2-2007)
Foto's uit de oude doos/ old family pictures

How it all begone:

1 Heinrich (Hendrik) Biesters was born in 1728 in Neurkirchen-Vluy, Moers, Rhineland, Prussia. Heinrich died on 04-12-1768 on Heerewaarden, at the age of 40 years. Heinrich married, at the age of 24 years, in 1752 in Neurkirchen-Vluy, Moers, Rhineland, Prussia Catharina Appels, aged 20 years. Catharina was born in 1732 in Neurkirchen-Vluy, Moers, Rhineland, Prussia. Catharina died on 30-05-1792 on Heerewaarden, at the age of 60 years.

As stated above my family tree starts in Germany in the foreign Pruisisch area. Next the Biesters family found a accommodation in Heerewaarden in the Netherlands. The became fishers and workers in the industry. Simple hardworking people as far as I know.

My grandfather moved via Leerdam to Eindhoven, the city of Philips. Called also lighttown because Philips invented there the first light bulb. My grandfather trade in eggs. Sometimes my father had to deliver a box egg somewhere. He hated that job. So he dropped the eggs by purpose. It was the last time my grandfather asked him to help.

Searing information for completing the family tree is not simple. On the Internet you see different pronounciation of our last name, like Bisters, Bister, Byster, Bysters, Beister, Beisters en Biester. Sometimes you see a mix within one family. It like searching a needle in a haystack, at least that's how we call in Dutch.

The oldest ancestors I could find is Heinrich Biesters. He is also named Hendrich Bisters in old archives. At this moment I could no find the parents of Heinrich on the Internet. When you have more information please feel free to sent an email.

De next map shows the Netherlands in 1933. I located all Biesters I could find. As you can see the family is concentrated around Eindhoven (Geldrop/Lage Mierde) and Tiel/Heerewaarden.

A quick search on the Internet showed 25 Biesters in our national Phonebook ( in 2004. The cities listed 2004 are: Puttershoek, Geldrop, Eindhoven, Veldhoven (moved to Lage Mierde in 2006), Holten, Waddixveen, Rijssen, Heerewaarde, Bemmel, Hurwenen, Geldermalsen, Lunteren, Utrecht en Amsterdam.

So we still are a relative small family in 2007.

High children mortality
When you look into our family tree you see that the change a new born child in 1800 will die on a your age is much higher then today. Till 50 years ago I was quite common to use a the name of a deceased child again. As example I like to point at the name of my grandfather Jan Biesters (1880-1949
). He was the fourth Jan bourne in that family. The other Jan's are died at a very young age.

  1. Jacoba Biesters, born 21-08-1865 in Heerewaarden .
  2. Engelina Biesters, born 16-10-1867 in Heerewaarden
  3. Jan Biesters, born 22-05-1871 in Heerewaarden. deceased 25-07-1871 in Heerewaarden, 2 month old.
  4. Adrianus Biesters, born 29-08-1872 in Heerewaarden
  5. Jan Biesters, born 10-08-1874 in Heerewaarden. deceased 04-01-1876 in Heerewaarden, 1 year old.
  6. Jan Biesters, born 06-06-1877 in Heerewaarden. deceased 03-09-1877 in Heerewaarden, 2 month old.
  7. Jan Biesters, born 18-01-1880 in Heerewaarden
  8. Christina Jacoba Biesters, born 02-08-1881 in Heerewaarden

Reactions per email :

Maart 2008

It was quite for some time. But in the meanwhile I had contact with GertJan Moers (family of my grandmother Hendrika de Vree). He had all information of the Vree's familie I did not had. Now I have a complete list of all my grandmother's brothers and sisters. He also knew some of the "unknown" people of the large familie photo you can see on top of this page.On this picture quite a number of de Vree's could be found.

15-17 february 2007

A number of mails were send between the Netherlands and Utah in the USA. Information about the Netherlands, photo's and other interesting details. The good news is that I have a photograph of Blaine. Always nice to know who you are mailing to. The next mail is just one of a long list. I don't want you to annoy you listing all mails. You can see Blaine, at the left site of the photo, his nephew Ron van Woerkom at the right, during their visit to the Netherlands in 2006.

Hallo Rob,

Do you mean to tell me that you went through the site and translated everything to English, just for the Americans?
Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous. And such a good job of translating. Almost perfect. Grammatical errors? very few. Very little to correct, but if I see some BIG ones I will let you know.

Do you know Heerewaarden very well?  When we were there this summer we visited a cemetery that had a lot of Biesters headstones, but no van Woerkoms.  My brother's son was in Holland a few years ago and went to a cemetery that had many van Woerkoms headstones, so he says.  Is there more than one cemetery in Heerewaarden?  I have pictures of many of the Biesters headstones.

I will try and forward some pictures that we took.

15 february 2007

Dear Rob,

My name is Blaine A. Hyer.  I am the great grandson of Hendrika Biesters (van Woerkom) (April 30 1842- 18 August 1901).  She is the mother of my grandfather Johannes van Woerkom.  Her picture appears on your website and was placed there by Dirck (Dick) de Leuuw my cousin. I provided Dirck with the photo of Hendrika which is a family heirloom.  Dirck and I have a common great great grandfather through Elizabeth Keynemans (van Woerkom) from Nederhemert.

I came to Holland from America in July of 2006 and spent 10 days visiting the area of Heerwaarden my grandfather's place of birth as well as Nederhemert, Elizabeth's place of birth.

You have a wonderful Biesters website and have done and outstanding job in organizing it.  I do not speak or read  but very little of the Dutch language.

I am interested in collecting genealogy and wonder if you could send me a GEDCOM of the Biesters website.  I obtained a GEDCOM of the Keijnemans family website and would like to add the Biesters site also, but would need a GEDCOM to do so.  If you could do so I would surely appreciate it.

Blaine Hyer

23 january 2007

Hello Rob,

What a surprice!

On the photo on top of this page I could see my mother and here family.

Totally left: Adrianus Biesters; mijn grandfather. In front of him: Jenneke van Keulen, mijn grandmother. Behind my grandfather: aunt Ko (Koba). The man with the baby on his arm is my uncle Kees. On the second row, four from left I could see aunt Zus (Gerdina). Third from the right, standing, is my mother Jenneke of Jenny. I cannot locate Anton or Jos. I will contact my oldes sister about this. Thijsje probably was in India at that time. And I recognise some others from our family photograph box,

5 february 2007
This is all my sister had. At least you have some additional information to add to the family tree. We don't have all info needed. From some aunts and uncles we don't have any information. Maybe you have to look into other sources.

Succes, regards.


26 december 2006

On 23 december 2006 is in Vlissingen born: Grace Bosselaar, doughter of Frits Bosselaar en Tanapan Kesornthong.

When you like you can add this to the family tree.

As we could read in the newspaper, about a month ago you are oke. We hope the same applies to your family.

We wish you a happy newyear and all goods for 2007.

Jeannette and Wil de Jonge

5 october 2006

Hallo Rob,

I came to the vistitor centre quite unprepared. Because I supposed the Biesters family were in general fishermen I visit first the fishing museum. I hoped to find some tracks of my family there. A lady of the museum was very familiar to history of this area pointed to a Biesters on a large Photograph. Johannes Biesters was one of the last salmon fishers. The photo was taken around 1950 at his work at the rhine river. Salmon fishing took place from may to october. The fish was sold to locat factories. The place where the fishing took place was rented. The boats had to be drag along the river stream upwards. Most of the time with 7 ships in one go.

On the second photo you see a Biesters. The same person is also visible on the first photo left.


3 oktober 2006

Dear family,

I got in touch to your family by the merriage of:
Hendrika Biesters with Aart van Woerkom d.d. 30.4.1842. Parents Johannes Biesters and Bartje Firant. Children (some): Jan van Woerkom, Johannes van Woerkom

See (parenteel VI.10)

From july 1-10 I had family descendants over from America. I showed them the family roots in Heerewaarden by:

  • A special tour to the visitor centre highlighting Biesters the last salmon fisher.
  • A visit to the church where the some Biesters were baptised.
  • A visit to the cemetery. All Biesters graves are photograped.

I attached a photograph of Hendrika Biesters. She emigrated on older age to the United States (Utah) with here son Jan van Woerkom where she died soon.


Dick de Leeuw-Keijnemans (of my mothers side)







6 may 2005:

Nice website, you invest a lot in it.

Maybe you can help me searching my roots. My name is Ad, born on 12-11-1963. My father was also named Ad (born 18-11-1931 in Eindhoven). His parents were Antoon (Toon) Biesters and Maria Renders. Toon had a sister named "Tijsje" listed as child of Adrianus Biesters and Jenny van Keulen at in the family tree. Tijsjes older brother was probably mij grandfather Antoon (born 23-02-1900). When I am correct the family also had a Kees, Jenny, Co, Jos(janus) , zus and Jetty. Could this be true

I appriciate a reaction.

Greetings, Ad Biesters

23 januari 2005:

Good evening,

Via Google U found you website with information about the Biesters family.

The over grandmother of my man was Cornelia Dirkje Biesters ( She is the mother of Metje Brinkman, who merried with Evert Jan Theeuwsen. Their son Hendrik Jan Theeuwsen is my father in lay. He possed 3 photo's of Kee, which I attached. Despite the fact that she was named Brinkman by here marriage, it could be nice to add these photo's to your galery.

The family Brinkman-Biesters: Metje, Jo, Gerrit, Kee, Cor, Arie. When you may have photo's please sent them to me.

Annette Theeuwsen-Kardol

PS. I could copy a lot of new facts from your Aldfaer family tree. Heinrich en Catharina where not in my list. Just like you I am using Aldfaer, great program.

Look at the photo's

21 january 2005:

Just come back from the family Archive in Eindhoven. I found a family card of my grandfather. It showed some additional information.

Behind some names you can see the note "RENTETREKKER". This means retired in good English. In Dutch we called this "gepensioneerd". Rentetrekkers is old-fashioned Dutch. So you can see that the card is "old-fashioned"..

The card also showed that our family moved to Eindhoven on january 1924 from Leerdam. My father, borned in 1920, is borned in Leerdam, his youngest sister was borned in Eindhoven. The started in the Kastanjelaan 63, later they moved to Plataanlaan 56, a larger house for the 11 persons of the family. My aunt Dolly, over the age of 80, still lives there (2007).

8 december 2004:

On the Internet I searched for email address of anyone with the name Biesters. After some searching around I found a couple of them. One of them was Peter Biesters. Peter was also investigation his roots.

After some puzzling he seems to be an anchestor of Johannes Adrianus Biesters. Again a piece of the puzzle solved. I got from Peter 2 small family trees. I combined them into my tree.

On december 16 th Peter will take a look into the archive of Emmerich (Germany) to find back new information of our family. I am curious.

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your email. I am very pleased with this information. Myself I am looking for my anchestors for quite a while. But that seems not to be very simple. In Dokkum (north of the Netherlands) a statue of a Biesters should be found. I did not look into this in detail. Also a contact with Biesters in the north (Hengelo) showed no connection with Biesters at the south. I also looked into Den Haag. But because the name Biesters is writting in many pronounciations it's not simple. In an archive 2 diffent coat of arms of the Biesters family could be found.

I have a copy of the mariage register of Johannes Adrianus Biesters who married Hendrika Biesters (23 dec. 1891 Heerewaarden). This information is from Jaap Biesters from Hurwenen, a nephew of my father Gosewinus Hendrik Biesters.

When you have additional information about the family, and I hope there is, please contact me or my parents.

7 december 2004:

I add my name to different sites about family trees. Withing a day a reaction came from Marco Schelling. Thanks to Marco we got another bunch of information.


I just saw your registration on the Gelderland Page, for information about the Biesters family in Heerewaarden. Already for a long period I am investigation all families who lived there. I took a look to your website immediately. I found some information I did no had myself. But I also saw some gaps. I hereby send all information I have about the Biesters family. I have limited information because I limited myself toTielerwaard and Heerewaarden/Rossum. Some of my information does not match yours. So a critical update is necessary.

When you have more information about the Biesters family, please feel welcome to sent a mail to .All information is very welcome.